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Increase Organic Click by 297% in 3 Months via SEO

Ecommerce SEO Growth: From 163 clicks to 297% Organic Clicks in 3 Months

About Brand

Aasa by Simran - SEO Case study

Aasa by Simran is a brand that celebrates women of all body types and promotes the repurposing of clothes. All products are exclusively made in India, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to quality and versatility.

The brand aims to offer clothing that can be worn in multiple ways, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of its customers.

The Objective

The primary goal for Aasa by Simran was to optimize their website for search engines and users within three months to achieving top rankings for key non-branded product keywords in Google’s top 10 positions.

  • Website optimization for SEO and users
  • Increase organic ranking for the non branded keywords by 10% with during the first three months.

The Challenge

Below are some of the challenges we saw while auditing and starting of our SEO campaign with implementing the strategies:

  • Discrepancy between desktop and mobile website
  • Improper and non-contextual product category organization
  • Non-optimal website navigation
  • Unoptimized product and collections pages

The Solution

To counter these challenges, we laid out a carefully devised strategy that included three major points which were:

  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • Contextual Internal Linking
  • Header, Title, and Meta Tag Optimization

Mobile Friendly Website:

  • With Google’s mobile-first indexing update, we prioritized making the website mobile-friendly for both users and Googlebot.
  • Fixed pivotal discrepancies between desktop and mobile versions, improving mobile rankings and readiness for the update.

Contextual Internal Linking:

  • Implemented internal contextual linking on main category pages and utilized blog sections for internal linking, enhancing page authority and crawling of relevant pages.

Header, Title, and Meta Tag Optimization:

  • Optimized header tags to improve overall SEO performance.
  • Updated title and meta descriptions based on targeted keywords, enhancing rankings and non-branded clicks.

The Result

Aasa by Simran - Ecommerce SEO Case study

The outcomes of the SEO campaign within 3 Months:

  • Clicks went up from 163 to 647, a 297% increase.
  • Impressions increased from 13,406 to 30,634, up by 129%.
  • Some keywords we ranked #1 improved, lifting our overall ranking.
  • More people visited the site organically, including both old and new visitors.

With ongoing support and technical expertise from the Aasa by Simran team, we successfully increased the clicks for non-branded product keywords on the website.

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